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ThorntonRones Insolvency Practitioners. We put the solve into insolvency. Licensed Insolvency Practitioners | Personal & Business Recovery Experts Home Home

T: 020 8418 9333

About ThorntonRones

Whatever the situation, business or personal, you need advice from us. We know the law and we know accountancy - we know what the options are, what can be done and what must be done.

We are yet to find our 'typical client'.

The range of cases we handle is diverse. However, there is one assumption we make at the outset of every project: obviously, the more we undertand each situation, the better the result for everyone.

That is why we offer FREE, without obligation meetings.

We are insolvency specialist, we do not give legal or financial advice of a general nature; and, though we are Chartered Accountants, we are very focused and specialist. This isn't through lack of opportunity, but because we would damage the trust other professionals have in us, and our ability to operate to full effect.

Avoiding Insolvency

The preferred way to deal with insolvency is to avoid it.

However, if that is not the case, professional advice is the key. You can never get help early enough.

It hurts to admit your business is failing, but facing up to the situation and getting specialist help is the first step to recovery and one way to avoid insolvency.

ThorntonRones believe that if many of the companies they see had done something much earlier a solution could have been found.

Doing nothing is not an option.

The trouble is too many organisations try to battle on alone. Doing nothing is the worst course of action and only makes everything worse.

Of course, you can work all the hours with good intent, but you are essentially hiding from the problem.

It only takes one creditor to put in a winding-up petition and your bank account will be frozen. That's when your business stops, because it's difficult to trade without a bank account.

Our Fees

At ThorntonRones it is important to us that from the beginning we are transparent to clients about fees. We will only charge a fee when we have the prior agreement of the company or individual that we are advising.

ThorntonRones normally charge a fixed fee - this allows the client to understand the fee and budget properly.

A question that we are often asked is "If we are going through financial difficulties, how can we afford your fees?".

Let this be our concern. This is our area of expertise and in many circumstances what might appear an impossible situation is an everyday issue to us where in many cases we may be able provide a solution and free up working capital for you.

The point is, unless we meet, neither of us knows what the options are.

The first meeting is FREE, so what have you got to lose?

Get help from the Experts NOW!

Trust ThorntonRones to use our skills and expertise and work with you
to tailor a plan that is right for your company. Our advice is always objective and without obligation.

Call us now on 020 8418 9333 for a free consultation. Take a positive step towards changing your life. We're here to help you.