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ThorntonRones Insolvency News

We write regularly on topics of relevance to our many clients,advisors and professional contacts. To read more detail on the issues below, please click on the image.

May 2016 Changes to the bankruptcy application process

Sep 16 Creditors face fee rises when petitioning for bankruptcies and solvencies

Oct 16 Pensions safe from bankruptcy orders, judge rules

Dec 2016: Modernised Insolvency - Key Changes

Jan 2017: Overdrawn Directors’ Loan Accounts

Feb 2017: Compulsory or Voluntary Liquidation - Does it Matter?

Feb 2017: Directors Beware - CMA targeting disqualification orders

Feb 2017: Re-use of Company Name: only legal restriction following insolvent liquidation

March 2017: Warning on Employing Illegal Workers

March 2017: IVA’s do not end on completion

April 2017: New Insolvency Rules (2016) in force

June 2017: Bankruptcy or Insolvency?

July 2017: In uncertain times, are businesses at risk?

 July 2017: Do not pass Go, go straight to Jail!

August 2017: Directors, Debentures & Personal Guarantees

October 2017: Statutory Interest in MVLs

November 2017: Post Winding Up Petition Transactions

December 2017: Surprises in Government’s 2017 Budget statement

December 2017: Our new Probate Service launch

January 2018: Golf with ThorntonRones

January 2018: Carillion: Do I need to act immediately?

February 2018: Director redundancy claims now accepted

 March 2018: HMRC Security Deposits

April 2018: Limitation Period: Are Directors safe from attack after 6 years?

May 2018: 'Dividend or Salary' – all change, burden of proof now with Directors?

October 2018: Can you rely on the 'Corporate Veil' for protection? No, not always...

May 2019: Bankruptcy and the Matrimonial Home: Does 'exceptional' mean exceptional?

June 2019: When does Insolvency commence and are dividends safe?

June 2019:  Insolvency Act S.423: Transactions Defrauding Creditors (Beware: It has very long arms and travels back a long, long way…)

June 2019:  

Do Receivers owe a duty to a borrower?

July 2019:  

HMRC as a preferential creditor looks likely to return for the first time since 2003

September 2019:  

A review of English dividends law. The Supreme Court has given helpful clarity on the scope of liquidator clawback proceedings.

October 2019:  

£3,230 raised for Haven House Children's Hospice at our 20 Year Anniversary Party with Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards!

November 2019:  

Can Company Voluntary Arrangements alter Landlord rights?

January 2020  

Is this the end of Entrepreneurs' Tax Relief?

February 2020:  

First Director Compensation Order: Director ordered to pay £559,484 to creditors

February 2020:  

Client sent to Prison: Concealing property and deceiving his Trustee in Bankruptcy

March 2020:  Director who took advantage of his position pays the price – even for transactions after a Liquidator/Administrator was appointed.

March 2020:

Budget 2020 & Insolvency -
The Headlines

April 2020:

Insolvency Rules-Related Changes: What do they mean?

May 2020:

HMRC's current position with regards to Time To Pay (‘TTP’) proposals and others

May 2020:

Covid 19 Update: Winding Up Petitions Continue

June 2020:

Probate Services Friendly family business keeps our costs low

Blog - July 2020:

COVID-19 Emergency Measures now Law:
Corporate Insolvency & Governance Act 2020

Blog - July 2020:

Finance Act 2019-21 Insolvency Creditor Changes: HMRC will become a preferential creditor in insolvencies from 1 December 2020

Blog - August 2020:

Winding Up Petitions have been, and continue to be, granted: The devil is in the detail

September 2020:

ThorntonRones welcome back all their staff. "We are open and ready to help."

September 2020:

Coronavirus: Temporary Insolvency Provisions Extended BUT NOT for Wrongful Trading

October 2020:

Company directors/shareholders could lose their home because of HMRC

October 2020:

Company directors/shareholders could lose their home because of HMRC

October 2020:

HMRC Powers to Make Directors (and others) Personally Liable

November 2020:

The Unintended Consequence of the Return of HMRC as a Preferential Creditor

November 2020:

Company directors/shareholders could lose their home because of HMRC

November 2020:

Entrepreneurs' Relief (now called Business Asset Disposal Relief) Another false start or will it be ending this time?

November 2020:

From 1 December, HMRC will be Preferential Creditors for all PAYE, EE’s, NIC, VAT, CIS and Student Loan deductions

December 2020:

ThorntonRones Advent Calendars... ...another casualty of 2020!

January 2021:

Bounce Back Loans are Bouncing Back! Some loan applications may have been fraudulent.

March 2021:

ThorntonRones 2021 Golf Dates - Abridge Golf Club

July  2021:

H M Revenue & Customs debt collectors returning to work and getting back in touch

September 2021:

The end of lockdown insolvency restrictions – Not yet!

October 2021:

“No Time To Pay”

- Yes there is, HMRC current policy

November 2021:

Joint and Several Liability of Company Directors etc.

March 2022:

Temporary insolvency measures are ending...

May 2022: The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022: A new law to help certain commercial rent debts accrued during the pandemic

June 2022:

Is Voluntary Dissolution still an easy alternative to Liquidation?

July 2022:

HMRC Guidance on Voting in Voluntary Arrangements


November 2022:

"Creditor Duty" - when do Directors have to take notice?

December 2022:

The Return of the ThorntonRones Advent Calendar!

12 December 2022:

Our offices this morning! Never fear, we’re still hard at work!

13 April 2023

Void dispositions on Liquidations & Bankruptcy

16 October 2023

Can a dissatisfied Bankrupt challenge his Trustee?

1st November 2023
Can Directors Still Claim from the Redundancy Payments Office  in the Case of their own Company's Insolvency?

6th February 2024
Shareholders’/Directors’ Agreements – their importance cannot be underestimated.

15th February 2024
Bounce Back Loans (“BBL”) and Liquidation Should Directors be worried?    Do BBL have to be paid back?