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T: 020 8418 9333

ThorntonRones Services

Whatever the situation, business or personal, you need advice from us. We know the law and we know accountancy - we know what can and must be done.

It's tempting to wait and see if things get better - but if they don't, you could actually be making things even worse by delaying. Insolvency concerns complex and involved issues.  It would be very easy for a director of an insolvent company to commit criminal offences without even realising, so proper professional advice should always be sought.

The sooner you start to manage the situation, the better for everyone involved. That doesn't just mean you - it could mean your family, your employees and your creditors.

Other people and other businesses can be surprisingly understanding, as long as you keep them informed. Sometimes it is possible to come to an arrangement with creditors and employees which is helpful to everyone - but the key thing is keeping them in the loop, being truthful, and staying positive.

Where formal insolvency procedures cannot be avoided, we aim to consider the circumstances and needs of all concerned, and ensure a cost-effective and efficient solution for everyone.

For example, selling a business as a going concern (sometimes reconstructed), or making an arrangement with creditors, benefits creditors as well as proprietors. But it is important to remember that keeping the full range of options open depends on seeking advice early.

We offer the full range of insolvency/recovery appointments under the Insolvency Act 1986, as well as acting on an informal basis when appropriate. Fees are always agreed in advance, so there won't be any nasty surprises down the line.

ThorntonRones Services



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